International Women’s Day 2021: Women in Coffee

International Women’s Day is here to help us form a gender-equal world. This day is all about celebrating women’s achievements and increasing their visibility! In honour of this fantastic day, we wanted to acknowledge some incredible women, businesses and projects making a difference for girls in the world of coffee.

Why Celebrate Women in Coffee?:

Women play vital roles when it comes to giving you your perfect brew. 

For some, that is the hard work of tending farms and managing the harvesting of beans. For others that may be roasting and creating those flavour profiles we know and love. 

There are many roles in the coffee industry that go on behind the scenes too. These jobs could include women taking on sustainability initiatives, spearheading sales and marketing and so much more. 

While women today have more opportunities than ever before, the fight is not over. 

In many countries where women are working hard in the coffee industry, they still struggle for their right to own land, gain access to education or be part of any business decisions. 

Join us as we celebrate some of the many fantastic co-ops, foundations and businesses that are lifting the voices of women, creating opportunities and dawning the roles themselves. 

It All Starts With A Bean! 

It is essential to understand that not all coffee is created equally or fairly. 

The process of making what we know as “coffee” is labour intensive. There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes before the beans finally make their way into our coffee cups. 

And, the process isn’t always fair. 

Women have been underrepresented and underpaid for a long time in this line of work. However, it is not all doom and gloom. There are some people who are shaking things up for women and their communities. 

Perkee Coffee:

This Fairtrade coffee brand from independent contract caterers Bartlett Mitchell is farmed by the Soppexcca coop in Nicaragua. The Perkee Foundation is supporting women in coffee in various ways, including profits from the sale of their unique reusable huskups. They are placing these funds into education, diversification and health centres. 

Their projects are focused on empowering women, creating amazing coffee and doing it all in a sustainable manner! 

Girls Who Grind Coffee: 

Girls Who Grind are, firstly, a great coffee company. They are an all-female company, sourcing exclusively from female producers

Girls who Grind run some fantastic coffee campaigns. The first one we found was called #KirinderaWomensPeaceCoffee. This project was used to provide women with a legitimate alternative to joining the armed groups in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This campaign boosted women’s incomes and, overall, promoting peace. 

Bean Voyage:

Bean Voyage is another great example! They are, first and foremost, a feminist non-profit social enterprise! Their goal? To get rid of the gender gap in farming communities. They are doing this by giving women access to more information, education. 

You can see their progress to date right here.

Equal Exchange: 

“One of the major challenges of the 21st Century is to recognise the value of female farmers in our food chains and to work on greater gender equality. Women should have the same access to choices, income and training as men.”

While Equal Exchange focuses on more than just coffee, they are rocking the boat and making things more accessible for women and small farmers across the globe. They are ALL about fairtrade!

Women Roasters: 

Once the beans have grown from one of the many coffee farms around the globe, it’s time to roast them up and create their unique flavour profiles. 

Before they go through the roasting process, the coffee beans are still green. 

They will not be serving you up with that rich, caramel aroma many of us have come to know and love. Instead, they will have no flavour and an earthy scent. The coffee roasting process changes those plain, raw beans into the distinctively aromatic, crunchy beans that we know simply as “coffee”. 

City Girl Coffee Co. 

This company is based in Northern America and female-owned. City Girl Coffee Co. is a sustainable and responsible coffee company that is working to bring awareness and equality to the women of the coffee industry. We love their branding and what they are offering to the world! 

Coffee cherries before they get roasted by Women in Coffee

Full Circle Roasters: 

This Irish business is known for its amazing coffee. Their head roaster Nat Grabowska works with beans from a variety of small farms across the globe and creates unique and delicious cups of coffee from them. 

Here is a quote from Nat explaining the lack of women in the coffee industry: 

“There are a lot of coffee roasteries in Ireland but not many women. It’s hard for me to explain why that happens because I don’t really know.”

Little Waves Coffee:

This company is a small, independently owned Latina majority-owned company. 

They select their beans from a variety of different communities where women lead and produce the coffee. 

They roast all of their beans to order on Tuesdays & Thursdays while shipping them out to their customers on Wednesdays & Fridays. 

Their entire company is focused on the progression of women across the coffee supply chain. You can find women growing, roasting and making business decisions.

Scarlett Coffee Roastery: 

We love keeping up with this crew on Instagram. 

They always seem like they are having so much fun behind the scenes and roasting up some incredible coffee. 

If you’re not just a coffee drinker, you will be delighted to find their other herbal blends available. 

Loud Mouth Coffee:

Loud Mouth is UK based and ran by lovely Anna and Ellen (Anna taught herself how to roast).  

You can find their single-sourced coffee all around town in funky designs. 

These babes donate their proceeds to counselling and talking charities, promoting body positivity and good mental health! 

A women in a wheelchair sat in a meeting drinking some coffee

Celebrating International Women’s Day With Coffee:

Drinking coffee is probably a morning ritual of yours. Actually, it’s one we find ourselves conducting multiple times in the morning. 

To celebrate International Women’s Day this year, we urge you to support your female-founded, women ran and ‘girl empowerment’ focused coffee options. 

We have just supplied you with an incredible list of alternatives that cover a wide variety of different roasts, flavour profiles and price points. But, if none of them tickles your fancy, we are sure there are some more you can find! 

For those of us who are not coffee drinkers, on March 8th 2021, find different ways to support women making a difference. Maybe that is speaking out about the injustices and inequality that lives in this industry, or just shopping for something you love from a business ran by a badass babe. 

And, remember, women empowerment is not just a ‘one and done’! Keep thinking of ways to lift up the voices of those hard-working women who are fighting for equality.


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