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Should we be using reusable coffee cups?

Reusable coffee cups just make sense.

Single use items such as straws, plastic packets and coffee cups have taken the world by storm. You can easily grab a throw away item on the go and never think about it again! 

While the convenience that comes with using a single use coffee cup is undeniable – it is the impact that we need to have a chat about. 

Why is single use bad?

Terms like “good” and “bad” are complicated, and because of this, we need to talk about the importance of some single use options. 

These products can be used to make items such as chopped vegetables and other prepared food easily accessible, specifically in the lives of those who are less mobile or physically able.

Other single use items, such as straws, can be life changing to some as well. 

We have to remember that when speaking out about the dangers of single use plastic. 

However, the amount of single use items that are available today, simply for convenience (not accessibility), has become a bit scary! 

You can find yourself covered in a pile of plastic very quickly. Whether that is from picking up vegetables at the shop are wrapped up in plastic like presents or your cup of coffee is being served in a throw away vessel that you will only drink once and then toss away (hoping for it to be properly disposed of and stay out of our oceans). 

This is where the problem lies and this is why we want to have an alternative. (Cue in the reusable coffee cups!)

Why are reusable cups good?

Reusable items are objects you use more than once. Seems like a foolproof system, right? 

When compared to the alternative, a big thing should stand out to you right away. 

But, even with sustainability hitting mainstream and people becoming more and more aware of the impact that they have on the planet – single use is still expected to rise. 

This is why we need to share our voices and help others get involved in the reuse revolution!

How many times should I use my reusable cup?

As many as you can!

If 1,000 coffees a day were poured into a reusable instead of the standard paper option we would reduce or waste by 5,000 kilos in a single year.

Think about the impact that just one person switching will have in a year. 

And, it goes beyond just the cup – but what happens after. 

Visualize the mounds of waste that come in and out of a coffee shop. The trucks that transport it – and what happens to the waste afterwards. It’s a long process of waste and fuel. 

Reusable rice husk coffee cups:

Here at Huskup, we create our reusable items from rice husks – a natural byproduct of rice production – that will go back to where it came from after your time using is done (aka: it’s biodegradable!).

And, our favourite part about it is the fact that rice husks are normally burnt up and forgotten since they are considered “waste” when being produced for food. This inspired us to breathe new life into this material and serve you up with something awesome. 

Other reasons to use a reusable coffee cup:

We all know about the importance of coffee cups when it comes down to cutting down on single use items. But, what are the other benefits? Here are a few! 

Discounted Coffee: A lot of places, from small and local coffee shops to the ones that live on the corner of every high street are offering discounts to those who bring in a reusable coffee mug. 

Fun Designs: Add a bit of personality to your day with a cup that resonates with you. Maybe that is a Harry Potter mug or something designed by a sustainable artist! 

They Keep Your Drink Warm: Walking on a winter day? No worries! Reusable coffee cups are thicker and more likely to keep your drink hotter for longer.

Spill Proof Options: Our Huskups come with a handy lid that can be popped out to fit in your reusable straw or securely closed to prevent your drinks from spilling. 

Should we be using reusable coffee cups?

Do you want to reduce your carbon footprint, discourage the use of single use and still enjoy a warm drink on the go? Then, yes! 


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