Harry Potter



Huskup is a Reusable Coffee Cup made from rice husk, not plastic.

The Harry Potter Huskup mug is the ideal travel companion! Everyone at Huskup is excited to announce a unique collaboration of Harry Potter & Huskup. Our eco-friendly reusable coffee cup made from rice husk not plastic, together with iconic Harry Potter design creates a formidable team to make it easy to be a little bit greener (and a brilliant gift choice too)

The black silicone lid and band are recyclable and provide comfort and protection against hot drinks. The design features a sketch-like image of everybody’s favourite elf, Dobby, on the front, his famous quote “Dobby is a free elf” on the back, and a repeated magical star print all over.

The design uses black detailing to contrast against the natural colour and grain of the rice husk.

Perfect for those who want to help the planet and take a bit of magic with them wherever they go.

Huskup – reusable cups made from rice husk, not plastic

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