Simple 4-cup Bundle


Get the whole family a huskup and SAVE £££ (not just the planet!)

Huskup is a Reusable Coffee Cup made from rice husk, not plastic.

Handy sized, barista friendly 12oz / medium (400ml to the brim), the huskup feels great to hold, is light but surprisingly sturdy with a quality finish too.  Good size to fit most car cup holders.

We love using the natural biodegradable rice husk for our Huskup cups because there’s no melamine, BPA or toxins. No nasties leaching into your drink so it’s safe to reheat your coffee in the microwave and load in the dishwasher too.

If your tea, coffee or chocolate is too hot to handle we include a reusable, recyclable silicone sleeve for comfort.  The Simple collection offers vibrant fresh colours with matching lid and sleeve. This 4 cup bundle is great for the whole family or maybe one for the car, one for the office, one on the go and one in the wash! Includes a mixture of Spring Crocus, Lime Punch & Ultra Violet huskup versions from the range.

Huskup – reusable cups made from rice husk, not plastic

SKU: HKS-Bundle